Grilled Scallops with Caper Remoulade — 6 Comments

  1. FedEx it all to my house, overnight shipping please.

    You have probably mentioned it, but I’ve forgotten: is US-style canning (in jars) common in France? I don’t recall it at all where I lived over there.

  2. Maybe the neighbors would like some of your extra produce?

    I used to love scallops but, as a child, I think I ate one too many and have been unable to face them ever since. Sad, really, as they are delicious.

  3. You find the frozen scallops just as good? Here in Israel the fresh ones are prohibitively expensive, but I was raised with a clear prejudice against frozen seafood and so have never tried the frozen ones. I did begin buying frozen shrimp once I found out that even the “fresh” is actually flash frozen right on the shrimp boats, but never made the leap beyond shrimp. Maybe it’s time to give them a try…

  4. Kate, one can’t really make soup from lemons…. everything else goes in the freezer. No one to give it too…

    Dan, it’s on its way LOL… Wish I could. Farm ‘wives’ have huge gardens and huge pantries…..

    Meredith, it’s been the worst garden year in awhile. I love all of my tomatoes 6 years ago – that was horrid.

    Zoomie, that happened to me with cream cheese…. I got over it. It happened to my son with scallops – he didn’t.

    Around the Island, I think they’re as good… But also because the fresh are so expensive. It’s frozen or something else.