Pasta with Tomatoes, Chard and White Zucchini, canning, French-style — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoyed the wine posts! I’m glad you explained where the juice went, I was trying to figure that out! Ah chard, I’ve not been able to face it for a few years after one summer growing it! Maybe I will grow some next season. Pasta looked great!

  2. Freezing often works as well as bottling and it’s easier. I freeze most things that I want to preserve. Not as pretty, however, as your clear glass jars of produce.

  3. Jayne, the whole wine-making thing was quite an experience. I’m not afraid to cut my chard off and toss it in the compost when it gets out of hand LOL

    Dan, you’re welcome!

    Kate, I think this system is pretty old, too. I remember my mother using ‘zinc’ ids and rubber rings…

    Ina, sometimes easy is also best…

    Zoomie, I think freezing is much easier – but one does run the risk of losing power – that doesn’t bother the jars.