Stir-Fried Turkey with Chard and White Summer Squash, the update — 6 Comments

  1. Like you, we also appreciate the lower crime rate here and not having to lock everything and watch our backs as we do in the southern hemisphere. However petty theft is on the increase even in the rural areas. For the first time we feel the need to at least put a chain across our entrance to stop vehicles driving into our field and we have increased the barn security. We will have to be extra careful next time we take the trailer to Bordeaux!
    The turkey stir fry sounds good. Something to try next year.

  2. Sorry to read about the theft. With two big dogs, your house is probably safe, but I don’t imagine they were in the trailer… Bummer.

  3. Your stir fry looks lovely, moist and yummy. I think chard is such an amazing vegetable that works so well with so many different flavours. I love the green theme! Why not??? Green is the colour of garden goodness đŸ™‚
    Side note – sorry to hear about your missing radiator. We go through phases where we try to be better at locking the house at night and the car etc but it only lasts a few nights before we forget and go back to our complacent ways. It’s true that crime levels are low here and so we think we are immune but we hear of robberies in the area too…mostly at big houses owned as second homes. But still… We did hear that our neighbours (American and just here for 4 months of the year normally) were broken into and the thieves came in through the roof, removing roof tiles to get in!! You have reminded me to be more vigilant!
    Thanks for entering Four Seasons Food xx

  4. Wow I cannot believe that someone walked in a stole a radiator! But actually maybe I am not. I think the worse crime in France comes from theft at building sites. Really. I am so sorry for you guys! All the work and effort and time and love you have been putting into this renovation…. I guess a great comforting meal at the end of the day is needed. xo

  5. Gill, a friend’s house was robbed while they were out doing the weekly shopping – middle of the day, gone for 2 hours. We have to start being more careful, sadly.

    Pam, no, they were home guarding LOL

    annelifaiers, we’re starting to here more of it, esp. houses that are isolated in the country. We have 1 near neighbor…

    Kate, they’d probably run and hide, they’re such scaredy dogs….

    Jamie, I will no longer tell guests that they don’t have to bother locking their cars here…. assuming I remember myself… It is easy to be too comfortable here. Comfort food is always good