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Stuffed Baby White Zucchini; the update — 5 Comments

  1. I wonder, how do you pack the herbs away? Is it cool and dry enough somewhere for a “larder” to work for you? Do you freeze them? Here in the US Southwest desert, we can hang herbs up after about the end of November (when temperatures drop and of course it’s dryer than a dryer).

  2. Dan, I put them in baggies – good, old zip-lock. This is our dry season, now – only one bit of rain since the end of June (no mowing) so they dry well, most in 2 weeks. Basil takes longer. Just have to be sure they’re really dry before closing the bags.

    Kate, I used to freeze them but, for some unknown reason, I tend not to use them from the freezer…. besides, my freezer is full of veggies.

    Joanne, and it got such a nice crust – love hot crusty cheese with pest.

    Zoomie, the list is growing… He’s not worried LOL