Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves with Bacon and Mozzarella, my French — 7 Comments

  1. We lived in Paris for three years many years ago (technically just south of the Périphérique) and I remember those days fondly so I thank you for bringing them back for me with this post. My mother used to make stuffed cabbage in much this same way when I was a child but, I must say, your chard looks better than I ever remember the cabbage looking. 🙂 Must give this a try!

  2. What a lovely sounding recipe! Infact, I was planning on stuffing some chard leaves myself and blogging it so I hope you don’t mind….great minds think alike eh and nimble fingers get there first so well done you! Yours sound delicious and I am bookmarking x

  3. I admire your determination to learn French and to become more fluent. It means a lot when living in another country to speak their language and absorb the nuances of their culture. You are showing the French (at least your small number of them) than not all Americans are ugly.

  4. I remember ripping a cherry tomato out of the ground one midsummer day and throwing into the composter. The next year, after spreading the compost in the spring, we had a renegade cherry tomato appear in a most unlikely spot of the garden. It climbed up the neighbour’s evergreen, entwining itself on the branches, making the tree look like it was decorated for Christmas very very early. Of course, there was no easy way to harvest the tomatoes to make cherry tomato sauce out of them. (Good idea! I would never have thought of using cherry tomatoes for anything but salad.)

    Oh!! I’ve never heard of “rebonjour” and now I want to go somewhere where I can try it! Et biensur! Regalez votre professeur avec your story de comment utiliser “rebonjour” (hehehehe… you can’t even tell that I’ve been trying to study French on Duolingo, can you?)

  5. Kate, there is no French word for ‘rude’ – the worst thing one can say is ‘badly brought-up’ LOL

    Stacy, and the chard is easier to work with… Paris, sigh…..

    Joanne, and easier to grow than grape leaves 😉

    Annelifaiers, look forward to check yours out, too. My chard is going crazy!

    Zoomie, I agree… just wish it were easier. Actually, wish I had done more when I was in school… Then it would be easier now LOL

    Elizabeth, a tomato Christmas tree – I love it! I’m told that if you know the person well you just say ‘re’