Zucchini Timbales with Basil and Tomato — 7 Comments

  1. I still haven’t found any conkers to test whether or not they deter spiders as claimed but if you have any horse chestnut trees in your area, it is worth trying. Don’t come to Africa – we have some seriously big spiders there but one of the most dangerous is actually a small one!
    Sorry your potager has been affected so badly by the weather this year. Everyone is complaining about it.

  2. Gill, funny, but I haven’t seen any chestnut trees of either type here. The most dangerous where I lived in the US was small, too. Scared of them all LOL

    Kate, I do try – but they’re so ugly ‘shudder’

    Zoomie, Thank you – I’ll tell mon mari he’s wrong!

  3. Katie – We too have had a huge increase in spiders this year. I have a so called agreement with spiders that enter my home. They must keep a huge distance…if that distance is infringed upon (and sadly for the spider it does not take much) they will not last a long life in my home. However, if they back off, I leave them to vacate the premises. If they come back…well…to bad so sad for the spider. These critters are just not a welcome guest in my home!