Baby Pumpkins Stuffed with Creamy Spinach; French food fun — 5 Comments

  1. Katie…turkey is a must for thanksgiving in our household, at least it seems this year. We bought an antibiotic free turkey – 12 lbs. for $2.99 per lb. We will get turkey dinner at least twice, at least 2 – 4 lunches with sandwiches, and at least 1 litre of turkey stock. I am thinking 6 – 8 different meals. That is between $4.50 – $6.00 a meal – so worth it! Now if we are talking free range or organic – that is anywhere from $3.75 to $4.50 a lb. where I live. At that price, I do draw the line.
    I make a very similar stuffed squash – so good! (BTW: I bought a second turkey at this price for Xmas… it is in the freezer – last years turkeys were fabulous)

  2. My mother made our school lunches. On a special occasion we could get a lunch order from the canteen or tuck shop. I also made my children’s school lunches – I made lunches for 25 years in a row, often also packing breakfasts and afternoon teas when there was extra stuff on at school like sport and drama rehearsals. Ordering from the canteen was kept for rewards and birthdays due to costs. But what joy I experienced when that FINAL lunch was made when the last child left school.

  3. What a very good idea to teach manners as well as healthy eating at such young ages! Vive La France!
    Interesting that turkey is expensive in France – it’s considered one of the cheapest of meats here, although we do live close to poultry producing areas. I don’t ever get a huge turkey, just a 12-13 pounder, as they get tough when they are large and with just two of us, we get tired of turkey before it is all gone. As Ina said above, we get meals, lunches, and turkey soup before we are finished, so it ends up being really economical.

  4. Ina, when I want a big bird I tend to buy a capon here – they’re always good and cheaper. Or maybe a goose…. I remember cheap turkey in the US. I buy leg / thigh for soup which is good and really cheap, And the cutlets are good. Don’t know why the whole birds are expensive LOL

    Meredith, I’ve actually seen them in the store (Gran Frais)

    Kate, we packed lunches for most of our school life until the last few years – when the farmers decided we should have hot lunch every day…. They provided the food and the farmer’s wives did the cooking. We paid, of course, but not much and it was really good. It was also a very small town LOL

    Zoomie, I found a 6LB turkey one year that was wonderful, and I use the cutlets (thinly sliced white meat) a lot but for cheap meat here it’s pork…. sometimes less than 2 dollars a pound for nice loin roasts or chops.