Braised Veal Rolls with Prosciutto and Sage — 6 Comments

  1. I like sage but it can be a bit medicinal in large quantities I find. My Mother used Parsley Sage rosemary and thyme , just like the song…all from the garden for our Christmas bird. I loved the stuffing my favorite bit. Now I make stuffing balls for festive poultry meals. They go down a treat. Actually Katie you have inspired me I will make Veal birds for the grandchildren’s dinner tonight. Don’t think I will overdose on the sage though Ha ha

  2. I like a touch of sage, half a handful might do me. It is under used here I think, possibly like everywhere, except in your kitchen.

  3. My Mom hated sage so we never tasted it unless we went to other people’s houses for Thanksgiving. I’m only now learning to truly appreciate it.

  4. Love sage! I make brown butter and “fry” fresh sage in it while I am making it. This butter is especially good on butternut squash.

  5. Gilli, I like the idea of stuffing balls – hope you liked the veal birds ‘-)

    Tanna, I would miss my herb garden – but you can plant another… Think of the possibilities!

    Kate, the hubs really loves it… would put it in everything.

    Zoomie, my mother was much the same with paprika….

    Karen, love browned butter and sage – on pasta, too with a sprinkle of Parmesan.