Meatballs with Wild Mushroom Sauce — 7 Comments

  1. Farmers trade a leisurely lifestyle with uncertainty of the weather. On a good year, it is great, but in bad weather years they really suffer.

  2. I am in awe of what goes on in France. Growing up in Michigan, the seasons were prescribed by the apple orchards and the cherries. I took it for granted. But all of our farmers deserve respect. I am just realizing that. You live in a fertile area. I would love to be in your kitchen eating this wonderful dish while looking out over your acreage.

  3. This recipe sounds too delicious. I am going to try that tonight. Thank you, was trying what to make for dinner. Problem solved!

  4. Pam, the harvests haven’t been good here lately (or so I’m told) The farmers that don’t have beef all have ‘day’ jobs.

    Kate, the farms here tend to be small… And I know they do work hard…. It’s just the view from my window that’s so deceptive.

    Joanne, a good variety of mushrooms make a big difference.

    Penny, here the big crops are walnuts, prunes with apples and tomatoes coming in second. The cereal crops are sunflowers and winter wheat… but orchards are big. Would love to have you here.

    Sue, glad I could help LOL