Quinoa Drop Biscuits, mouse stories — 5 Comments

  1. My sister, who lives in the country, uses metal containers for most storage, including dog food and flour. And she has two cats. Unfortunately, cats are either mousers or they are not, but their presence seems to intimidate. (Though I would think two large galumphing dogs would also be a deterrent.)

  2. Just been reading about an electronic mouse deterrent on the DVN. It was bought on ebay and has been used very successfully against dormice. That might be an option. It doesn’t kill them but emits high frequency sound they can hear but humans and pets can’t and forces them to move out.

  3. We had mice when I lived in NY, and my then-husband set traps. He set 14 before all the snaps were no longer heard. All in the same day!

    Karen is right. You also need a couple of cats. 😀 They would work on the lizards, too.

  4. Kate, I sometimes amaze myself at what I put up with that would have sent me screaming 10 years ago….

    Karen, I use glass or heavy plastic. The only thing they really get in to is the dog treats if I leave them in the bags

    Gill, our neighbors have something like that that they say works for mice and spiders. We bought one…. Nope! Maybe there has to be one in every room. Then we have the barn

    Zoomie, our main problem is finding traps that work more than a few times… They seem to break easily, then the store is out, and so on… The girls would love pet kitties.