Braised Pork with Bay Leaves, an herbal primer — 7 Comments

  1. Oh once again – you’ve posted a recipe that is making me DROOL on my keyboard. Not only that – I’m going to kill a few trees in printing up your notes about what the other herbs can be used for. Flinging you an air kiss from across the pond – as you are always making me a much better cook all the time!!!
    Now – wonder if pork loin roast is on special this week in Montreal ….. \\^,,^//

  2. Have you tried adding a couple of bay leaves to the water when cooking broccoli and cauliflower? I also add a leaf when I am cooking lentils.It makes a difference. I have a smallish bay tree here and an enormous one in France and other basic herbs which I use regularly.
    The pork loin looks and sounds delicious – yet another recipe to try out.

  3. Katie – I use many fresh and dried herbs in my cooking – Bay Leaf being one of the – delicious. I also make a lovely refreshing lemonade with lemon balm…it is making me miss summer already!

  4. Google has requirements for how recipes look/are written??? Tell me more! I’m beginning to fear Google, and here’s another reason…

  5. One thing I do use Bay leaves for – and not just for cooking – is to keep little bugs out of my flour, etc. According to a friend of mine who lived on a sailboat for many years – it kept them out of her flour. So far, so good, but you have to repack flour from paper bags ASAP – otherwise – defeats the purpose of the bay leaf (thank goodness for the invention of Zip lock bags).

  6. Anna, glad you like the info… and thanks for the tip on the bay leaves and bugs. If you need any, let me know – I have a HUGE tree.

    Gill, I always put them in beans and lentils, but haven’t in other veggies…. Thanks for the tip. I planted one in my herb garden at our last house – before I realized how big they get – and that there was already one near the woods. LOL

    Ina, I had lemon balm at my last house but haven’t been able to find it here… I miss it. (and summer)

    Zoomie, yes, ‘Recipe View’ requires certain code and all sorts of stuff… as well as proof of authorship and so on and so on 😉