Butternut Squash Gratin, What’s on your table? — 8 Comments

  1. The squash should not wait for Thanksgiving! I think Saturday is open.
    Your puppy talk really makes me miss mine … cold nose in the arm pit trick he perfected early on.
    One Thanksgiving I printed recipes, did all the shopping then handed everybody a recipe to prepare. It was really fun and good eats.

  2. We don’t do Thanksgiving. Xmas is our feast time but the summer temperatures of the southern hemisphere don’t mix well with the traditional northern Xmas fare! Whilst there are many variations of the more traditional turkey and ham, there is also a mix of many cultures so basically anything festive goes. It is fun.

  3. I always roast a turkey, but the dressing and all the sides and desserts are variable depending on my mood and on offers from others to make their faves. If I make a pie, it is always apple, as I love it more than any other kind.

  4. Karen, that’s because it’s always so good ;-))

    Tanna, that’s a good idea…. Bonnie has the bad habit of poking hard with her nose to get attention – to both sitting and standing humans. She’s of a size that makes standing male humans very vulnerable LOL

    Gil, I think, for me, a southern hemisphere Christmas would seem very, very strange. Even here in France it’s a little ‘off’. (I come from snow country in the US)

    Pam, we used to vary the sides a lot when I lived in the US – but the turkey and pies (pumpkin and mincemeat) were sacred. I like pumpkin, loath mincemeat and would be with you on the apple…

  5. Katie, I make new desserts every year. Never tried; just ones that sound great. Its fun.

  6. Phoenicia, and I make them so rarely… Funny, I have my mother’s recipes and 75% of them or for desserts. You’ll have to go through them some day ‘-))

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