Fettuccini with Ham, Peas, Peppers and Goat Cheese — 5 Comments

  1. As a former beekeeper I totally agree with you. To be organic, the beekeeper must KNOW that the bees didn’t gather nectar from flowers that were themselves not treated with something within 5 miles of the hive, AND the hives cannot have been treated with chemicals. (These are my well thought out rules).

    The US has for years fought the import of Chinese honey from hives treated with chloromicetin (sp?).

  2. My pet peeve is “artisanal,” used to describe everything from soup to soap. But, I’m thankful today for stuff made by hand, just tired of the descriptor. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Katie and your Mari!

  3. Tanna, we’re lucky that we can still get so much locally – and that the French are very fussy LOL

    Kate. Right!

    Brassfrog, all the honey I’ve ever bought here has been from local bee keepers. Funny, I rarely ate it in the U.S but I love it now… Esp that I can buy it by flower…. You would be interested (concerned) to know that France is being invaded by an Asian hornet that is devastating the honey bee population. They eat the honey bees and are very nasty towards humans as well.

    Zoomie, I rather hate that one, too – and Happy T-Day to you, too!