Lemon Ricotta Cake, the lemon tree — 6 Comments

  1. Oh that looks like a keeper – I love anything with lemons in it (I always put some in my water in the AM). . I have lemons in my fridge all the time – tho’ I’ll have to go out ricotta. Hopefully my Dad doesn’t see my comment here – otherwise he’ll bug me about my recent weight gain (silly insulin – silly basal rates). That is so sweet you still have that table. Good luck with the lemon tree … and the geraniums 🙂

  2. Where did you get your lemon seed? From a lemon you ate? How did you know it was ripe enough to plant? I’ll be interested to hear how it progresses. Love your Dad’s table!

  3. Anna, and your on a pump, aren’t you? The hubs hasn’t pushed to get one – he would if he could quit sticking his finger LOL The cake really is fantastic…. But make sure you have enough people around to eat it… you do not want leftovers! (well, you do, but….)

    Ina, thanks… it’s growing sooooo slowly.

    Pam, my s-i-l sent it to me Beyond that, I’m clueless. I planted 5 and one sprouted…. don’t know how or why, just happy it did.

    Phoenicia, it really was a hit… we all loved it… Thanks heaps and hugs back.

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