Peas with Pimientos and Leeks, the update — 5 Comments

  1. I love peas but only buy frozen ones. Poor reflection on me really that I am too time poor and lazy to shell fresh ones.

  2. I always feel I am throwing away most of what I have bought when I buy fresh! I think of all the vegetables, peas freeze the best. If you have a deepfreeze and are organised, they can be there when you want them.
    Added to that , in an emergency a bag of frozen peas is a very good icepack. I also use them as an indicator of whether or not the deepfreeze has been working properly when we are away – if they have defrosted and refrozen, they form a solid lump. We can get prolonged power failures here.

  3. Your pantry is going to be splendid – I can see it already! Your climate must be similar to ours, as 40 is cold here, too.

  4. Tanna, every little bit of storage is a luxury – and much appreciated LOL. And it’s nice to have our hooks up.

    Kate, I think frozen are better (esp. because they’re easier LOL)

    Gill, they’re great to have on hand… I put ice cubes in a bowl to use as a freezer check – for the same reason…. we don’t get long power failures, but lots of hiccups LOL

    Zoomie, I think it is similar…. what a wimp I’ve turned into…. It will be nice to have a pantry.