White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes, Puro Coffee — 3 Comments

  1. We have the same problem with our little alley – people come down but they have trouble getting back out. We often go out to help them turn – mostly to make sure they don’t hit our garage as they make their turns. I chuckled to hear you have a mouser in your midst and you didn’t even need to adopt a cat to get one!

  2. Oh my I need those potatoes and that coffee! Can’t believe you didn’t know mice squealed.

  3. Zoomie, Bonnie was so proud!!!! Our lane is posted as a dead end, but people come down anyway and there is no place to turn around – unless you come in to one of our drives, through gates that are normally closed.

    Tanna, I’ve led a sheltered life LOL. I know rabbits squeal – for the same reason: being in a dog’s mouth!