Braised, Stuffed Pork Loin with Red Wine Cranberries — 7 Comments

  1. I loved seeing them fresh in the supermarkets recently in the US. Occasionally I see them frozen here, otherwise they come in tins with syrup.

  2. I have never seen them fresh here. There have been tinned ones on the supermarket shelves, at a price, and more recently dried ones have made an appearance along with a cranberry juice blend.

  3. Kate, I love the fresh – never bother with the others.

    Gill, I would buy tinned cranberry jelly, but that’s all – and I doubt if that makes it out of the US – acquired taste LOL. They are a bit expensive here….

    deebar, mine come in little plastic boxes…. But, you’re right, I could freeze them. I’d forgotten that they freeze well.

    Zoomie, we don’t have a dryer (whatever they’re properly called) Ironically, the craisins (here they’re just called dried cranberries) are very popular here…. And most people assume I want the dried when I ask for them. I have to explain that I want fresh and I get these puzzled looks… Fresh?!?!?

  4. We are big fans of Grand Frais too. For us it was the parsnips that led us there but we are still waiting for them to stock Bramley apples!