Pumpkin Soup with Sherry, lunch — 5 Comments

  1. Katie, what kind of sherry do you use in that soup, dry or sweet?

    I enjoy occasionally giving what I call “long, French lunch” to friends, and I do it more or less as you have described – no guests allowed to help! But, the more casual California style is easier and also lots of fun. Some of each is perfect.

    Happy Christmas, Katie, and I hope 2014 is your best year yet, but not your best year ever.

  2. I love those lunches – but not too often as we belong to the former group despite being retired!
    The photo made me long for the green of France and our Monday morning drive into Chalais market. We don’t get the same green here even when we have good rains.
    Have a very good Xmas and all the best for the coming year.

  3. Kate, that is the ONLY good thing about our sunrise walks in winter. At least in summer it’s warm and I get an early start to my day.

    Zoomie, dry, normally…. or whatever is in the cabinet LOL I miss the more casual style. The other thing, here, is it’s still considered bad manners to comment on the food – so no compliments LOL

    Gill, have a great Christmas yourself. Yes, they are fun – but more fun if they are spaced well apart LOL It ruins the rest of the day! I suppose I could skip the wine, but, then, why bother?

    wonky73, you’re welcome I hope you like it… I think the sherry and tomato make it just a bit more savory.