Spicy Chicken with Butternut Squash — 6 Comments

  1. Katie, I don’t know if these are problems…..I used your link went to the site-which you know I am very familiar. I could not access the 6 day, 7 day etc pages. The page did not have any ‘live’ links–Hope I am making myself clear.

  2. Sorry, I would love to indulge the girls with more pats and walks but my technology is limited, not to mention my technical abilities. I just use my Mac.

  3. Hi Katie, using the MacBook Air there were no problems and I was able to access everything easily. I don’t have anything else to try it on. Hope you and the girls get to make up for all the missed walks and pats.

  4. Using Google Chrome on a standard PC and saw no problems, other than not being able to distinguish links from purple text on the home page, but it was clearer off the main page. Nice clean design.

  5. Hi, Katie, using my MacBook Pro, I saw no anomalies on the site and was able to access everything. I like the way you have your sponsors under tabs rather than “in your face” ads, too. It all looked good. And today’s recipe is one I will definitely try! 🙂

  6. You did, Diane… thanks.

    Kate, they’re not to deprived… nose nudges are pretty frequent.

    Thanks, Gill. They’ll get their due LOL

    Karen, thanks for the info. Colors can very so much from screen to screen it’s hard to get it right. I’ll keep at it 😉

    Thanks, Zoomie…. I hate the ‘in your face ads’ …. so irritating, but some of the ad people insist on it. So far I’ve avoided them.