Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies; Christmas Cookies — 8 Comments

  1. I discovered the joys of parchment paper about 15 years ago when helping out with events where we were cooking for 100+ people. I learned alot during those years of working as a team. I use parchment paper weekly – saves up on cleaning – and like you – if I can reuse it depending on what I cooked – more power (one more tree saved 😉 ). If I have time this week while I’m off work – I maybe giving a few of your recipes a try – of course – the folks that will be receiving these are all Type 1 diabetics like myself – hooked on insulin – but heck – gotta have some yummy sweets at Christmas – if I croak 2 months earlier due to consumption of these – well – I’ll have a big smile of satisfaction on my face 🙂 Merry Christmas Kate!!!

  2. Love all of your cookies and, yes, parchment paper makes a difference. Happy Holidays Katie. I love visiting here and hope someday to meet you in France. You are always an inspiration and good for a chuckle with the dogs antics and the home renovations. Your home is beautiful. I assume there is not much left to do. Right?

  3. Zimsterne, almost no calories so I’m trusting you. Foolish me, but will try them tomorrow

  4. Since I have a psychotic oven….parchment paper is a life saver. I can’t tell you how many cookies I’ve thrown out over the years. I use it on just about anything I put on a baking sheet, including fish and chicken.

  5. The Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies look just the thing to accompany my Triple Ginger ones. Parchment paper and foil have saved me many hours of toil over the years. When we lived where supplies of them were not available, there was always space for some in my suitcase. That was when each piece was used again and again if possible.

  6. Kate, apparently I’m a little slow LOL

    Anna, yeah, the insulin goes up around here, too – but only a little. I mean, one can replace toast with cookies, right? LOL It’s only 1 week out of 52….

    Penny, not much left,,,, and then all the bits LOL

    Zoomie, I don’t know why it took me so long… baking was so much easier this year.

    Phoenicia, have faith 😉

    Stacy…. oh, fish – I can use it for dish, too! Thanks LOL

    Gill, Triple Ginger…. I think I need that recipe….