Beef, Carrot and Turnip Stew, the update — 6 Comments

  1. Your pantry is getting the treatment it deserves – after all it is an extension of the kitchen which is the most important room of a home!

  2. Beef stew sounds perfect right now. Turnips are harder to love (for me) than rutabagas, but great in stews. The best part is the addition of sherry…never tried that in beef stew. Bet it is awesome!

  3. Kate, it add a certain je ne sais quoi….

    Gill, if only it were closer to the kitchen…. It’s actually part of the barn, but was the original kitchen for the house – when they stopped cooking in the fireplace, I think….

    Pam, he does OK LOL

    Tanna, actually, it cleaned up pretty well. – And yes, we can use the heat in winter…

    Elle, this was the first time for us to have turnips. I bought more to fix as a veg…. we shall see…,