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Chicken Korma with Almonds and Apricots — 13 Comments

  1. Seems you found an excellent use for the almonds!
    I love when I discover I know than I thought, somebody just gave it another name. Who knows when the spices are gone there may be some odd need those glass tubes will be perfect for … as soon as you pitch them it will become clear.

  2. I am going back to Morocco in about 3-4 weeks but I cannot bring the spices back if purchased at market sadly due to our rigid customs.

  3. That chicken looks delicious.

    Zaatar is local to Israel – we use it on salads, in yogurt-based tangy soft white cheeses (labane), sometimes on roast chicken (in moderation), in eggs, and it’s EXCELLENT sprinkled on pita wedges grilled with a bit of olive oil… Just taste a bit and see what appeals.

  4. I had a small bag of almond flour in my pantry, too, with no idea of why I bought it. But I found a recipe for a clementine cake that called for it and it was delicious! I will be posting about that cake soon, so if you have some of that flour left over, save it!

  5. Could you have possibly been thinking of making financiers? That’s why I buy almond flour. Your chicken korma looks delicious.

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  7. Tanna, actually, I hope I find a use for them – they’re kind of cool LOL

    Kate, can you mail them to yourself? What a shame you can’t bring them back… But how wonderful to be going back. We’re thinking seriously about a trip – but don’t know when. A bit closer for us…..

    Robin, eggs definitely,,, I would be more free with trying it if I knew I could get it again before next Christmas LOL

    Sullimaybe, it was a lovely mix of spices…. You;re welcome 😉

    Pam, clementine cake, eh? I’ll watch for it. Thanks.

    Penny, is there a difference between almond flour and ground almonds? This was pretty course – like cornmeal. I really have no idea – but I used it for something. The mind is a terrible thing to lose.

  8. Thanks for the kind offer Robin – and I may take you up on it. There is a large Asian market in Bordeaux that I’m going to check out on our next trip (for plumbing supplies) and a few weeks. If I don’t find it there I’ll let you know. Now I don’t have to be so careful LOL

  9. Another wonderful recipe! Made it tonight for the family, with store-bought almond meal – none lurking anywhere at home. Couldn’t resist adding the cayenne pepper (just a touch) and the Garam Masala – beautiful additions. Thanks for the recipes – always stellar flavours.