Chicken with Red Pepper Pan Sauce, barking dogs — 4 Comments

  1. You have described a regular scene in our household and it made me laugh out loud. As it is summer we are in the doors open part of your scenario.

  2. This all sounds so delightfully familiar! Except that I have tried to teach Cora that if she barks too much, she has to come in and stay in. Since she’d much rather be out, she has slowly learned to curb her barking to true emergencies – such as the mailman (whom she actually loves), the UPS driver (ditto), and the guy next door (who gives her treats when he comes home from work).

  3. Phyllis, I don’t mind them barking when appropriate…. but barking at all the bunnies in the dark is driving me nuts. At least they don’t do it during daylight…. so we’re good all summer LOL

    Kate, when I get to stay seated at the computer for longer than 10 minutes I’m thrilled.

    Zoomie, my girls don’t bark at anyone they know… usually. Just the bunnies….