Ham and Leek Quiche — 4 Comments

  1. I too miss the frozen sweet goodies. But a freezer full of pork and chicken can’t be all bad. Your quiche looks lovely. Leeks are so expensive here that I am envious of your ability to get them. Hope you have a great and productive New Year Katie.

  2. I have never done a real quiche Lorraine either, never the real deal but lots of variations on that theme though.

  3. Your quiche looks delicious! I could eat them twice a week if it wasn’t for my cholesterol. And yes, I know. One can use egg whites, but where’s the fun (or real taste) in that?

    In my area, our major groceries don’t have sales but the smaller chains that still have real meat counters often to. And there is a meat market (Piquette Meats) in my area that does do specific meat sales weekly. A different meat or combination each week. They’ve been around over 50 years and their sales are great so I sometimes go there for the combinations when they include those things I use most. But the bigger chains? No. They don’t do that anymore.

  4. Thanks, Penny… I miss the sweets, too. And funny how cheap leeks are here and expensive there. Too bad for you LOL

    Kate, maybe some day I’ll do the original…. but I doubt it 😉

    nightsmusic, I don’t ever remember my supermarket in the U.S. ever having sales of any sort. Glad they do here.