Happy New Year! — 9 Comments

  1. What a meal – sounds like the true manifestation of eat, drink and be merry – enjoy a safe and happy 2014 !!

  2. Now that would be worth going out for! We stayed home and had a nice quiet evening. Better to not be on the roads around here on NYE if one can help it.

  3. Dinner for 8! That’s a huge party in my books. And it sounds like you had a wonderful time, in spite of staying out til all hours! The food sounds splendid.

    Happy New Year!

  4. That sounds simply perfect Katie – drooling at my keyboard here! We had a belated New Year’s eve dinner last night – my first time trying Ice Wine (from the Niagara Lake here in Canada) – delicious. Do they produce Ice Wine in France? Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Thanks, everyone… It was a great dinner and a great New Year’s Eve – if a bit late LOL Or maybe it was the port….
    Happy New Year!
    No ice wine in France – we rarely get that cold while there are still grapes…. But we do have rather lovely Sauternes….