Roast Duck Confit, the update

This is what it looks like when I open the can.

Yes, that is fat…. Lots and lots of fat.

One has to dig in with one’s fingers to locate the duck.

In the past, when I have duck confit, I used it in cassoulet. Or maybe risotto or pasta.

I decided, to be different, I would try fixing it like, well, like meat.


I decided to roast it.

I did a search for the idea and found very little.

So I improvised.

I wouldn’t really call this a recipe, since the duck is already cooked….. But if you can get duck confit, give this a try.

I hate to admit this, but I don’t know the name in English…. In French, the thigh, with leg attached is ‘cuisse’.

Roast Duck Confit

Total time: 30 minutes


  • 4 – 5 cuisses de canard confit,  
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 2 tbs sherry vinegar

Roast Duck Confit


  • Combine vinegar and honey, microwave honey if needed to make runny.
  • Remove duck from fat
  • With paper towels, wipe the fat off the duck.
  • Put the duck on a baking sheet.
  • Spoon vinegar mixture over the top.
  • Roast, 400F (200C) for 25 minutes.

Mon mari thought we could let the dogs lick the extra fat off the duck, rather than use paper towels.

I said he was free to attempt it with his share.

He declined.

On to the update:

He finished the cabinets and trim in the pantry.

Well almost all of it. He’s working on the trim around the door to the barn.


He took the old porcelain sink out. It was set in concrete, so it took a bit of effort but he managed not to totally destroy the framework.


Note Guapa’s leg in the doorway. There is always hope that when a human (me) is in the pantry, there might be dog treats. A dog should be available in case any fall out of the treat cupboard.

Guapa is diligent in being prepared for food opportunities.


The new sink has now been installed and the plumbing all completed with a minimum of cursing and only one extra trip to the plumbing store.

Naturally, now that the pantry is nearing completion it’s reverting back to it’s prior state: paintbrushes in the sink, tools everywhere, etc.

Oh, and the other trim that needs finishing is the door frame going into the house. Our door frames are a bit wide here, as you can see by the red line. Mon mari refinishes them, rather than replacing….

I made risotto with the leftover duck….

And the girls got are getting the fat.

4 thoughts on “Roast Duck Confit, the update”

  1. Kate, they are so very, very, very excited…..

    Pam, it is great for frying potatoes…. but there must 2 cups of fat in the can. I don’t need anywhere near that much 😉

  2. I have read that, in Australia (or maybe New Zealand, or both?), the thigh/leg is called a “Maryland.” As in, “Take three chicken Marylands and brown them in a heavy skillet over medium heat.” Even though we’re Americans living in Portland Oregon, my own mari and I have adopted that term because, well, as you point out, there is no single word in English.

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