Spinach Ricotta Rolls, Rain — 5 Comments

  1. Having had large long haired dogs, I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing. But you have my sympathy

  2. This morning, it was 5 below. A heat wave! But my dogs (Dobermans) won’t spend more than 15 seconds outside in weather like this. They barely make it off the step to do their business and then they’re back in the house. No walks, no runs, no playing outside.

    So far, they’ve knocked over two chairs, pulled the wood out of the rack and tried to chase each other around the room, dragged my down comforter off the bed onto the floor and made a nest, I’ve had to tape my lid closed on the garbage can in the kitchen…and it’s constant. Because they can’t let their energy go outside. I feel your pain with the mud, but I’d almost be willing to deal with that if they’d just lay down when they’re done!

  3. And, over here, we are dying for lack of water. Weird. But I do have sympathy for you, having had plenty of wet years with wet dogs. I keep a stack of old towels by the door she comes in, just to towel off the worst of it before she gets in the house. Even make her walk onto a towel so her feet (which are hairy) get the worst of the wet off before tracking it around the house.

  4. Karen, thanks…. maybe that will see me through to dry weather.

    Kate, canine cabin fever is making my cabin fever much, much worse LOL

    nightsmusic, mine hate the rain but have no problem with the mud… In the middle of the night I can hear them wrestling downstairs… and I hope nothing is destroyed come morning 😉

    Zoomie, with one, smaller dog I would probably try – but with 2 big ones I just give up.