Beef Vegetable Soup, TV wars — 6 Comments

  1. I totally understand your TV “limitations” – we have the same! We were talking the other evening about the days when we only had a choice of 3 channels to watch – life was sooo much easier, as my husband is a tv addict and will watch anything that moves on the small screen! On the food note, what are/is rutabaga? Is it a root vegetable? (Being in England, I’ve never heard of it). I love your blogs and recipes and especially the good balance between the food and stories of your every day life 🙂 Val

  2. Val, mine is much the same – absolutely anything (well, he draws the line at cricket). A rutabaga is a swede (yellow turnip). If I remember from living in Ireland, they tend to be rather big in the UK. For me (and here in France) a rutabaga is the size of a big white turnip. Thanks for the kind words….

  3. I love soups that are so full of vegetables like that! The heartier the better, especially when Wisconsin is getting dumped on again.

    Argette aka Mimi

  4. Totally gorgeous soup! Perhaps I can make that when we’re back in Seattle. It won’t be “my” kitchen but I think it will work.
    TV addict … that was why we cut the cable. Anything that moved except for commercials. That translated into switching the channel whenever a commercial appear and moving on to the next channel … not the last one but the next one. Drove me batty. Now we have Netflix and watch a movie and that’s TV.

  5. Hi Katie – what a wonderful nostalgic soup. Although the name ‘soup’ barely does this monster justice! It’s so packed full of delicious things, is it a soup, is it a stew? Either way, bet it was super delicious and incredibly beefy! I would love a big steaming bowl on a Sunday by the fire. Thank you for sharing with Four Seasons Food x

  6. argette, you have had a rather white winter, haven’t you….

    Tanna, the same. He’ll watch a movie in parts – middle, first, last… doesn’t care. I leave the room.

    annelifaiers, it’s a fairly traditional American soup -they’re very different from European soups, and meant to be meals.