Bread Baking Babes turn 6, and fold (and fold) — 10 Comments

  1. Katie you always make us look so good and you write ups are always wonderfully creative. Thank you so much!
    Actually this one was really easy and I think would probably do well on butcher block, certainly the one video was done on wood. I was sort of astounded by how quickly this came together and how very quickly I learned the folding technique. Maybe the most important take away to get thin was to re-flatten each square before throwing it in the pan. I can see why so many cultures have a variation on this bread.

  2. I agree, you definitely could’ve managed this one on a butcher block. Though it kind of looks and sounds scary, it could not have been easier! I didn’t even have a single “sticking” problem. Thank you for bringing all of us together so eloquently 🙂

  3. It’s actually ridiculously easy – especially if you are like me and pretend not to notice the instruction about avoiding holes.

    Happy anniversary!!

    (I finally managed to get my post online)

  4. I did do the stretching of the dough on a largish wooden cutting board as my kitchen counter space just isn’t enough for this kind of thing.
    Thanks for the welcome and the lovely round-up.

  5. Wonderful roundup, Katie, but you should definitely try these… I actually halved the recipe and made smaller balls since I only had a wooden cutting board which actually worked quite well. But mine are the clunkiest as I couldn’t get the hang of the stretching so I will definitely be doing these again….

  6. Thanks, Babes…. You’ve convinced me – at least convinced me to be braver. Kneading dough on the butcher block used to present problems (sometimes) which is why I didn’t think it would work well. I was wrong…. Sigh… ‘-))

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