Egg, Pimiento, Goat Cheese and Ham Stacks — 5 Comments

  1. I am chuckling because I so agree with you. Cupcakes….what would be the challenge…certainly not an over the top taste. It is simply a blogger striving to be a baker. Totally on your side on this one.

  2. Sounds like the perfect marriage of flavors there, Katie,

    I’m not sure I get the cupcake thing. I liked the muffin rage of the 90s better.

  3. They can keep their cupcakes and their cake mixes – I would far rather have a batch of home made biscuits (cookies to you,Katie) or a cake that I know what I have put in! Another pet hate are recipes that are really just assembling sauces, cans and ready made mixes with very few, if any, fresh ingredients in sight.

  4. Oh yeah – lets eliminate any “cream of soups”. A white sauce is not rocket science. As for cupcakes I saw one that had bacon frosting.

  5. Susan, and all the frosting!!!!!

    argette, love muffins, but never got the over-sized thing with those, either…

    Gill, my sister has a book called “A Man, A Can, A Plan”… Shudder….

    Karen, i could never abide ‘Cream of Mushroom’ Bacon frosting??????