Italian Beef & Cabbage — 7 Comments

  1. Here in Northern Wisconsin, dishes made with ground beef – usually something Mexican – are still popular at potlucks, tailgates and game-day parties. People are definitely eating it, because whenever I buy it at the grocery store, I have to jockey for place and practically perform contortionistic moves to reach my pound of ground chuck.

    Katie, this really sounds good, and very affordable, which I like because I want a new stove and refrigerator.

  2. I believe ground sirloin at our big box grocery this past week was $4.19 a pound. Ridiculous. I count myself lucky if I can buy ground chuck for under $2.79 a pound. Pork in our area has risen with the beef prices and though a bit less expensive, it’s negligible and the chicken! If I want boneless skinless chicken breasts, they’re over $5 a pound much of the time. Used to be I could buy a whole chicken for $0.19 a pound. Not anymore. They’re almost as expensive as one that’s been cut up.

  3. You’d laugh if you knew how much we pay for just about any kind of meat. Granted, we buy only organic, free-range, yadda-yadda, but it’s hideously expensive. On the other hand, it is better and it has encouraged us to control our portion sizes. 🙂

  4. argette, I love ground beef, and I was amazed when I realized how expensive it is here. Oh well, we buy it anyway LOL

    nightsmusic, we only have ‘ground beef’ at 2 fat percentages…. no ground sirloin or ground turkey or anything esle

    Kate, yours will come soon enough…. maybe 😉

    Zoomie, I can watch my beef out the kitchen window. Not the pork, tho, thankfully..