Roasted Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes — 6 Comments

  1. And there have been reports of the cranes being heard as they fly back north along the Dronne valley so Spring must be on its way. I wish I’d known about not peeling Jerusalem Artichokes years ago. We used to be able to buy them canned (and peeled) in Rhodesia during the UDI period . They made a very useful addition to many a meal.

  2. Your mari’s next project now that the pantry is finished – a dog washing room, complete with waist-high tub, ramp for them to walk up, tie down so they will stay in, spray nozzle on a flexible arm for getting into the ticklish places, and a blow dryer box where they can stand and be fluffed. 😉

  3. Tanna, I love the pussy willows – so delicate.

    Kate, I am so happy to be seeing signs of spring. It’s been such a gray winter.

    Gill, I heard them a few days ago, although my neighbor heard a flock a week earlier. They’re really early this year – hope they’re right! This is the first time I haven’t peeled them p so much easier and good flavor.

    Penny, they look really gnarly but I love the taste. Spring… YAY!

    Zoomie, now that is a good idea…. If only I could then teach them to like it. Clean dogs…. wonderful idea.