Sausage and Spinach Lasagne, winter wins — 9 Comments

  1. What crazy weather we are all having. High of 50 today Sunday high of 22.. my poor little babies… Low of 7 for 2 nights….

  2. And here the rain is coming 25- 50mm at a time, usually in under an hour!! I am doing battle with the same weeds here but they do look pretty.

  3. It’s 26 and dreary here right now. Tomorrow night, the low will be 6. If we’re lucky. I usually really enjoy winter but this time, I’m sick of it.

    Your lasagna recipe looks good. I make it too, not too messy, but it is time consuming.

    And are you sure those tiny blue flowers are weeds? They look like a variation on a wild geranium to me…

  4. Your tiny blue flowers are called Veronica’s. If you look closely, there are more than one species, all blue but even smaller.

  5. Ha! It was -18 in Northeast Wisconsin yesterday morning. Might as well stay home and cook. Love spinach lasagna!


  6. Phyllis, we get sunshine, hail, wind, rain, sunshine all in the same afternoon ;-))

    Kate, trying to get in the mood LOL

    Gill, they’re only pretty in the field in the spring…

    nightsmusic, they’re flowers in the field; weeds in my potager

    Thanks, Zoomie…. flowers they are!

    Mimi, you really should stop trying to set records….

  7. Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You have rain? And flowers? And bees? We imagined that winter was going to end and actually managed to remove from the front walk the thick thick blanket that has been there since the ice storm in late December. And then it snowed. A lot.

    I’d like some of that lasagne please. It might make me feel better. Could you courier it so we don’t have to slog to the store to get spinach and sausage? We’d be ever so grateful.