Bread Baking Babes throw in the towel — 10 Comments

  1. Katie – I actually have gone one step further when proofing my bread (to be or not to be – that is the question!!!) – more so in the winter months (it’s been a long one here in Montreal). I actually use my everyday downfilled jacket to tuck around my bread – it’s very light weight (please note – on top of the bread is a damp tea towel – so the coat doesn’t get flour/dough etc. on it. My downfilled jaacket could actually reveal some good stories – it’s even been wrapped around a turkey that has come out of an oven (best turkey EVER – moist, moist, moist). I can see the book title now … The Adventures of a Canadian Down Filled Jacket …

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  3. FCAnna, I’m relieved to hear that you haven’t plunged your down filled jacket (wrapped around proofing bread dough) into a bowl of water!

    Excellent round-up, Katie! And you are forgiven for rubbing my nose in the fact that you have mowed several times and seen flowers galore. Thank you for putting my photo first!!! Wow. I’m honoured.

  4. Being a bread “Boy” myself I found this process very interesting. Thanks, GREG

  5. Can you imagine how tempting those photos are at 10 p.m. at night? I want/


  6. Wonderful round up. Should have thought of an underwater photo of myself to go with …hahaha….but the breads all look great, despite (or because of) their watery beginning. Thanks for being the monthly historian for us all. You are a star!

  7. Ah Katie I’m always in awe at how wonderfully creative and fresh your intros are. You always make us look so good … although I’m struck at how I seem to be the one using so much whole grain flour.

  8. Kate, they’re all lovely, aren’t they?

    Anna, one has to be creative when one lives in a cold climate…. I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I know these things.

    Elizabeth, if it makes you feel any better, our cold and rain has returned… and you’re welcome.

    Greg, I thought it was, too, Are you going to try it?

    Mimi, they’re tempting any time I think

    Cathy, you’re welcome – it’s always fun to see them all.

    Elle, an underwater photo would have been great!

    Tanna, they are all lovely… and you’re just so health conscious….