Chicken Stroganoff with Pasta, the rant continues — 11 Comments

  1. Pinterest is full of cocktails in mason jars – I think it weird – nothing like a glamorous long stemmed glass to sip from over a double lipped clumsy jar – to my mind anyway !!

  2. I’m with you about the mason jars. Not only utilitarian, but also thick glass, which is sloppy to drink from. So much nicer to sip from a thin, delicate glass. I do like flowers arranged in mason jars but, please, not the food.

    Bacon. Well, bacon is just one of those things that nearly everyone loves. We are hard wired to like salty and fatty foods, so bacon is in our genes. Still, we don’t have to have it in and with everything. To me, it’s like cake – something to enjoy rarely.

  3. How ya doing ‘Kuyat’? Miss you too – must figure out a way to meet up sometime.

    Kate, I truly don’t understand it. Up there with drinking out of a dribble glass LOL

    Zoomie, flowers, yes; wine, no. I love bacon, but, like you, it’s a treat, not a staple.

  4. I spent $185 on ONE Waterford stemmed wine glass to drink my wine from. Why in heaven’s name would I want to drink it from a 50cent mason jar? I’ll use them to store stuff, but I won’t eat out of them.

    And I LOVE bacon! But I want my chocolate chip cookies, just like my bacon, pure and unadulterated. Leave them separate, please!

  5. nightsmusic, we bought nice wine glass from an ex-Waterford artisan when we lived in Ireland… just as pretty but not quite as pricey. I enjoy my wine out of them also! It’s all part of the pleasure.

  6. Yes, they will. And they will serve their Progresso sauced beef in mason jars.

    I don’t even like using mason jars for canning. I prefer the kind of jars that don’t have necks (who can get that last bit of preserves from under the lip at the top of the jar??

    But, I have to admit that I love to drink wine out of jelly jars – but only if we’re dining outdoors. Which seems to be very very unlikely in the near or distant future (It snowed AGAIN yesterday) so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we are drinking wine out of our crystal stemmed glasses and serving our Stroganoff on plates or wide shallow soup bowls. No plastic, paper or styrofoam, thank you.

  7. I don’t really get the Mason jar thing either. I don’t get the bacon thing. Nor do I understand fried eggs on top of food. As for Progresso, I tried a few products years ago and found them lacking. So, rant on, Katie!


  8. Thanks for that Christina – great minds and all that LOL

    Elizabeth, and it should be a Spanish rosado out of the jelly jars….

    Mimi, I think a lot of the ‘foodies’ are just trying to hard. Sometimes it just makes me tired LOL