Egg “Noodles” with Shrimp Puttanesca Sauce, best shopping ever — 14 Comments

  1. that cookbook has been my favorite since 1993 when I found it in San Francisco. I learned so much about technique I will never give it up.

  2. I am so pleased it had the same effect on you as it has on me, Katie. I have to restrict my purchases to what we can use whilst in France and the packet of crystallised ginger I can pack in my suitcase! I am looking forward to your pics and any recipes that are a consequence of your ‘non shopping’.Is the garden store nearby? We haven’t found that.

  3. I’m asking the same question Jane did. Where is the store? And why did it take you so long to find it?

    You must have thought you’d gone to heaven. Definitely looking forward to the recipes that will result from your non-shopping…

  4. Karen, yes…. I’m excited to start playing. And I fixed. I was rearranging the list and must have deleted it

    Kate, one’s self-control can only be so strong LOL

    deebar, mon mari gave it to me for Christmas back in the beginning of time…. It’s a wonderful book and I haven’t used it in a bit.

    Val, I’m really looking forward to it – I want to buy some of the dishes as well as the food…

    Jane, in Bordeaux – Bordeaux Lac, near Ikea.

    Gill, we go to the big Jardiland on the other side, right were the motorway heads off the rocade towards Toulouse. It’s on our way home.

    nightsmusic, it’s in an area we go to often, but kind of tucked out of the way. And usually our list of errands is long enough that we don’t explore. Even knowing where it was it took a bit to find it.

    Zoomie, so nice to be able to find this kind of food again. Can’t wait to start playing.

  5. Supermarket heaven, indeed. I know that feeling. I get it at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Madison has an Asian market, or had one when I lived there, and I loved it. Then there was one on North Third Street in Milwaukee that was fascinating. So much fun – because in winter and early spring, that’s the kind of food I want.

  6. Katie. I think I will try the noodles. Ate a Paleo wrap yesterday made from eggs and tapioca flour. Very bland and a bit cardboardish. These sound more like a crepe. I’ll let you know what I think.

  7. Mimi, It really was fun just finding stuff I’ve been missing forever.

    Minnie, it was fun – and they have a buffet for next time LOL

    Gill, These are heavier than a crepe – but don’t have to be at all bland. Don’t think they’e work for a wrap but great for noodles.