Cream of Chicken Soup, the house – a retro

First, so I can maintain my position as a food blogger….

It’s really not deserving of the recipe moniker, but it was good and, in keeping with yesterday’s post on Progresso Recipe Sauces, I thought I would pass it along.

I made Chicken Noodle Soup a week or so ago.

I made rather a big pot of it. After eating it for a few days, mon mari, never a serious soup lover, decided  it was enough.

Not willing to let any go to waste, I froze it, albeit a bit reluctantly as I still had a lot of soup from last summer in the freezer.

Then I got the Progresso email and starting thinking about the old ‘cream of’ soups.

I never liked Cream of Mushroom, with those little rubber cubes so, whenever I was making something that used it, I used Cream of Chicken instead.

I would never use this as a ‘cooking’ sauce, a bit too much work, as I started with making the stock….

But as the final iteration for chicken noodle soup it was great, perfect for a first course or lunch.

I just took the chicken noodle soup, puréed it in the blender and brought it to a simmer. I tasted it to see if it needed anything – it didn’t. I added some cream to thin it a bit, sprinkled some chives on top and served.

Voulà! Cream of Chicken Soup.

Cream_ Of Chicken Soup

Mon mari is still fussing about with little projects…. You know, the kind that get put off until a rainy day.

With the constant rain I guess he decided to get at it.

Anyway, nothing worth taking a photo of, so I thought I’d invite you for a wee meander down memory lane.

Before is on the left / after on the right.

The house  – we started this project in 2008:


The kitchen. This room was originally a bedroom. The actual kitchen was the little room in the barn that is now our laundry room. We had a blank slate.


The T.V. room / entry. This was the only working fireplace out of four. It’s big enough that the chimney sweep put a ladder up inside of it to clean it. It has both meat and pot hooks inside. We don’t use it for cooking. Mon mari refinished the built-in cabinets. The gun rack above the fireplace was deer hooves.


The living room. one of the fireplaces with a chimney that didn’t go all the way to the top.


The dining room. As is typical, a lot of crap was left behind, most of it in this room.


The hall. We put in the staircase. There had only the stairs in the barn previously.  All of the floors needed work.


Our Bedroom. If you look towards the back in the before photo you can see the beam that goes over our bed. This was used as grain storage and for drying tobacco.



That’s it for now…..

9 thoughts on “Cream of Chicken Soup, the house – a retro”

  1. Katie, if I recall correctly, you were moving southward about the time we were planning our last trip to the Lot Valley. I cannot believe that was more than five years ago already. You got more accomplished than I did in those 5.5 years.

    What you did to that chicken soup is something I would probably do – if I thought about it – because I hate to waste things. I had to save some boeuf burgundy in January, and I am tempted to make a blog post out of it but I have no photo. Anyway, I think you would appreciate it.

    Mimi aka Argette aka MD Johns

  2. Holy Cats! What an amazing transformation when you see it all at once like that! You have so much skill and so much downright patience!! You have turned a (literally) cow byre into a castle! Kudos!

  3. What a beautiful transformation! I’m jealous. We’ve been debating an 1860 house but after careful consideration and a lot of research, have decided to pass. Lovely property, but we’d be overbuilding by at least $150K and I won’t do that again. So, I’ll just live vicariously through your redo! 🙂

  4. Kate, thanks – I’ll tell mon mari….

    Mimi, it was the same time because I was thinking of trying to get to Cahors to meet you… But we were kind of busy LOL I appreciate anything based on beef burgundy….

    Zoomie, mon mari did the work. I supervised 😉 I’ll pass on the kind words

    Christine, it was good soup. I need to organize all these photos sometime…. Technology came do weird things.

    nightsmusic, that is always a very real risk. Restoration can be expensive, esp. if you have to hire the labor, We didn’t.

    Tanna, and so close to being done!

    Thanks, Babe…. ‘-))

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