Italian Pork Chops, my internet is unstable! — 7 Comments

  1. When life hands you lemons, make Italian Pork Chops…that was a reach on my part. Glad everything is up and running.

  2. And you had to do all that router/internet repair stuff in French ?? I am very impressed as it is hard enough in English to deal with such things !!

  3. A graphic reminder of how dependent we have all become on instant communication. The sauce sounds good, too. Lemon makes everything taste better.

  4. Lynda, I can’t believe how dependent we are on this technology LOL

    Kate, it ends up a combination of French and English I’ve done it often enough I’m learning the words. Still don’t know how to be sarcastic though (is it plugged in?)

    Tanna, they actually asked me if I had sufficient battery time on my mobile to handle the call. That was worrying ;-))

    Zoomie, and I don’t even text! Well, I have, but it’s rare. it’s just so automatic. Lemon and tomato works well together – and I’m always surprised.

  5. I suspect our Internet is bipolar.

    But the pork chops sound delicious. I’ve never thought to make them that way.

    Mimi aka Argette