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Mushroom Nems or Spring Rolls, Happy St. Patrick’s Day — 5 Comments

  1. I did not know what nems were. But I love spring rolls and I always want to make them this time of year. If spring ever gets here. Anyway, yours look delicious.

  2. Those springrolls look fabulous!

    Hyacinths? You have hyacinths?! They do smell lovely, don’t they? But ONLY outdoors. I had a potted one in the house one spring and had to take it outside because it was just toooo much.

  3. We or rather, my husband harvested the first crop of dog poop yesterday. Yes, it has finally gotten warm enough for the snow to melt. Not the temp mind, just the sunlight. So a big YAY for that. It will be another month before I see any shoots coming up though.

    I love spring rolls. I really do, but even around me, they’re only ever the commercial kind. I had ‘real’ ones in NYC long ago and have never been able to find a place that produces fresh ones. I might just have to try these!

  4. Kate, I love them too – and they last a fairly long time here

    Mimi, they’re just Vietnamese egg rolls – but smaller than the egg rolls in the U.S.

    Elizabeth, inside they counteract the ‘eau de wet dog’)

    nightsmusic, ah, yes, the annual spring poop harvest. I remember that from snowy winters…. Try these… they’re easy and not particularly unhealthy LOL