Parsley and Olive Stuffed Pork Tenderloin — 7 Comments

  1. Well…we had another blizzard here today. At least if it was wet, I’d know spring was somewhere in the future however, I believe now that it’s going to snow here until next October!

    That pork looks wonderful, but I’d have to leave the olives out. I’ve just never developed a taste for them. Green, I’ll eat all day long. Black…no.

  2. Raining here, too, but we are dancing in it, as we have had so little. I’ll look forward to seeing your three-year olds once the weather improves. 😉

  3. Tell me about romping dogs, lol! No place that has even a bit of a muddy surface is safe from mine. It’s nice to have a herb garden. I am going to grow some this spring. The pork looks delightful!

  4. Happy birthday to the “clean” pups – ahhh to be 3 years old again ….

    BTW, here I am cooking up a cassoulet for dinner tonight (snow is coming again – Nightsmusic and I must live in North America). My herb garden is still buried under a metre of snow still – along with my rhubarb … along with my … ) … opps going off course here … your tenderloin recipe will be tried out shortly – as I have all the ingredients needed if I’m unable to get out.

    Oh did I mention Environment Canada has a comedienne writing up their online weather warnings??? ” According to mother nature, winter isn T over yet. Sunday, another ow pressure system is expected to track from Texas up the U.S. East Coast over the next few days and lie over the Maritimes on Monday. ”

    LOL – I want their job 🙂

  5. Kate, dogs and rain…. Sigh….

    Tanna, spring = fickle. Parsley is underrated….

    nightsmusic, so use green 😉 I love them all.

    Zoomie, I’ll pose them next to the bunnies LOL

    Minnie, they avoid the mud when they’re walking – but not when they’re running or playing

    Anna, I sympathize with your snow – but you can keep it LOL Cassoulet – yum – but that’s winter food. We have spring (even if it’s wet)