Risotto Bolognese, staples — 7 Comments

  1. Skip the yogurt and orange juice (we like pieces of orange) and add meat and that’s pretty much it. There is one canned soup my hero occasionally likes. I have made Bologense sauce with the milk and hours of simmering. I never thought to use leftover sauce in risotto but I will be try this for sure, Thanks Katy.

  2. Your list of staples is basically mine, too, except we eat tangerines rather than drink OJ and we don’t use much milk. We do always have half-and-half for our coffee.

  3. And don’t get me started on “non-dairy creamer.” We call it “paint” and it makes bad coffee worse. Ugh.

  4. Karen, we eat a lot of fruit, but like the juice for breakfast – old habits from Spain where orange juice was fresh squeezed in every bar and coffee shop.

    Zoomie, we use it in coffee and both have cereal for breakfast – with milk rather than yogurt, We have yogurt for lunch. Non-dairy creamer – can’t happen.

    Kate, yeah, I forgot the chocolate…. but that’s only a staple for me 😉

  5. Since my husband has been trying to see if eliminating (or at least reducing) the gluten in his diet might help his never ending digestive and other health issues, I often go to gluten free pasta. I don’t know why I never considered making meat sauce (which I call bolognese even though I’m American) with risotto. We live risotto. This is perfect!

  6. Rachel, my hubs is a T1 diabetic, so, while he needs carbs, I have to watch the ratio of carbs to protein carefully – so all of my risottos (which we also love) tend to be, um, heartier than the traditional ones – more meat and veg.