Asparagus and Avocado Salad, bad dogs — 4 Comments

  1. Oh no! In the neighbor’s garden? Was that garden still in one piece when you got there? It was a reasonable day here today. Overcast and around 50, but it’s been worse. Much, much worse. My chives are peeking their heads up though so spring must be around the corner!

  2. Accidents happen so I hope the neighbour was nice. It was 7 C when I got up this morning but meant to get to 22 C eventually. I am off to walk the dogs – better check my gate first !!!!!

  3. It has turned cold here again!!! Today it is very windy and are ever getting rain!! Suppose to rain tomorrow also. I have the clean up done on the garden and we are waiting for the mulch. I was suppose to be done Thursday or Friday but it is so wet. Monday I think will be the better day. My daffodils are out and so are the hyacinth . No trees with blossoms yet. Can you believe it no blossoms. Here it is 29th of April ! Did the dogs do any damage to your neighbours garden? Life is never dull for you.

  4. nightsmusic, when I got there the neighbors’ were playing with the girls – no problems LOL

    Kate, very nice. Ironically, she had just commented a few days earlier on how well-behaved they are.

    Evelyn, no damage… The weather warms, then cools…. that’s spring I guess.