Asparagus and Turkey Quiche, lemon tree, very pretty — 8 Comments

  1. I found your blog through A Life, Lived; Jerry’s blog. You have a lot of interesting recipes and who doesn’t like your description of life in France. Well done.

  2. We’ve been here now for 12 years. This is the property I grew up on, spent my childhood exploring, I had wonderful dreams for it someday and finally, when we took down the little tiny house I grew up in and built, I was able to plant dozens of hostas along the north side of the house. Great shade, always slightly moist, they were three to four feet wide and wonderfully healthy. Until last year when something ate every leaf off every plant! Left all the stems, but the leaves were gone. It looked like someone had taken a weed whacker to them though I know better. It must have been the deer.

    All that to say, I’m so glad you brought your little plant in! It’s always so sad to see them de-leafed.

    I have to try this recipe. I love quiche. The DH, not so much, but since he’s not the one cooking, he eats what I make or…

  3. Your wisteria is stunning! I will have to wait until September/ October for asparagus because it is over by the time we get to France. Avos, on the other hand are coming into season here and are featuring in our lunchtime salads every day.
    Hope the longer, warmer days will speed up the growth of your Meyer lemon.

  4. I have never seen wisteria grown as a tree, only as a woody vine. Very beautiful! I know what you mean about “something” eating your plants. I planted beans and only two came up, but one was nipped before the cotyledons ever got going. The sad little green stem survives still, but it can’t leaf out. I’m leaving it there, just in case a miracle happens. The other one (Uncas) is still growing. Fingers crossed!

  5. I’ve never heard of making a crust with rice before, although I did use mashed potato once. I think it’s a really good idea and would love to try it out.

  6. Thanks, Michele…. Always nice to hear kind words.

    nightsmusic, deer love hosta. The also love roses LOL Did they ever come back? I had hostas in MN and they do get lovely.

    Tanna, this wisteria is really old – 100 years maybe…

    Kate, it’s so tangled with the spruce there would be no way to separate them

    Gill, I fertilized it the other day – I have hope! We had a friend with an avocado tree in Andorra – not so lucky here.(The tree was at their house in Spain)

    Zoomie, they get big here, and, of course, the French keep them well trimmed and well trained LOL

    Corina, the rice crust is really easy. I’ve never tried potatoes. And I’ve never made pastry LOL