Oriental Omelet — 5 Comments

  1. I tend to bury my head in the sand, live and let live and do my best to stay apolitical so you will get no chastising from me !!

  2. Politics has become very polarized in this country, with strong opinions on the right and the left with few moderating voices. It is tiresome, as one can easily predict what a given speaker will say on virtually any issue based solely on party affiliation. Where did our middle go?

  3. It’s so ugly in the US now… and I can only opine about why. Which would be boring to your readers, who come here like me for top-notch cooking recipes and your humorous posts of life in the country, and yes: as many dog stories and photos as you can stomach posting. One gets weary of politics here, but one doesn’t get weary of omelettes, whether from Asia or France. These kinds of omelettes were wildly popular in Japan when I lived there, and the best were at truck stops (!).

  4. deebar, now that makes sense…. 3 year olds.

    Kate, I usually do as well, but sometimes if just rears up and makes my pay attention.

    Zoomie, apparently discussion and debate are no longer possible – only preaching and being right 😉

    Dan, I used to enjoy political debates. I don’t think I would now LOL. This is the first I’ve heard of Japanese omelets…. but truck-stop food – notoriously good here, too.