Roasted New Potatoes, and more on potatoes

A lot of people have a love / hate relationship with the humble potato.

People avoid them because ‘they’re fattening’.

People eat them with every meal because a meal isn’t complete without potatoes.

More on that later….

For now – are you familiar with ‘new potatoes’?

They’re tiny, very thin-skinned, immature potatoes with a short shelf life, usually only a few days before they start turning green and need to be added to the compost pile.  You probably can only get them at the farmer’s markets – but try, if you can. They’re not the same as small, mature potatoes.

New potatoes are worth it – another wonderful spring treat.

You’ll never look at potatoes the same again.

Treat them simply….

Roasted New Potatoes

Total time: 35 minutes


  • 12 – 18 new potatoes, depending on size (serves 2)   
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Roasted New Potatoes


  • Leave potatoes whole and unpeeled.  Just wash lightly.
  • Toss with oil, lightly salt and put into a baking dish large enough for them to be in a single layer.
  • Bake at 400F for 30 minutes.
  • Stir half way through baking time.
  • Remove from oil, put into a small dish and serve.  

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Back to potatoes….

Have you noticed that most people don’t consider potatoes to be a vegetable?

Have you noticed that most people don’t consider potatoes to be healthy?

Have you noticed that most people are very often wrong?

Potatoes are loaded with nutrients and low in calories.

They have vitamins C and B6, potassium, copper, manganese and dietary fiber – all good things.

Unfortunately the things we do to the poor spud can bury all of the benefits in mounds of fat and calories.

All values are for a medium potato, (about the size of a woman’s fist)  5oz (150gr) after cooking:

Baked, including skin: 140 calories and 32 carbs.

Braised in stock, including skin: 140 calories and 32 carbs.

Fried potato, in 2 tsp olive oil: 180 calories and 32 carbs

And then we start to get serious…. remember, same 5oz potato…..

Baked, including skin with 2 tbs sour cream, 1 tbs butter: 288 calories and 34 carbs.

Baked, topped with Cheese Sauce and Bacon: 375 calories and 35 carbs.

French Fries, in vegetable oil: 478 calories and 57 carbs.

Now you know: potatoes, when fixed properly, can be a part of a healthy diet.

I grew up with plain, boiled, Idaho potatoes on the table every day.

Eventually I learned that there was more than one kind of potato.

I moved to Ireland  – the Irish know their potatoes.

The first time I made a beef stew, the potatoes disappeared.

I have no idea what kind of potatoes they were, I hadn’t paid any attention.  They were just potatoes, after all.  But they had completely disintegrated in the stew.  The stew was lovely and thick and very, very good, but without any chunks of potato.

Then, in France, I was introduced to new potatoes – those lovely  golf ball size nuggets that appear each spring.

Oh sure, I’d had small potatoes before: they came in plastic bags and who knew when they’d been harvested.

These are different.

They still have dirt on them.

Moist dirt.

Dare I say it?  I fell in love with the little guys.


They come in their very own box with all sorts of government stamps and certifications, along with the date they were harvested… In this case, it was the day before I bought them.

I can honestly say these are the best potatoes I have ever had.

Not just a little better, a whole lot better.

On a scale of 1 – 10, these are a 10 with all the other potatoes in the world barely getting past 4.

They may not look like much….But inside they are creamy, luscious, sweet and wonderful.

And I’d offer to share, but I don’t want to.

4 thoughts on “Roasted New Potatoes, and more on potatoes”

  1. That is one luxury I can attest to here. We don’t have them but for a small window of time, but they’re just wonderful! I don’t eat many carbs at all. It’s not the potato itself, it’s the carbs content that makes me gain. They have always been my enemy. But I make my new potatoes this way although I cheat a bit. I put a pat of butter with the olive oil. I know, but it’s just so darned good.

  2. Kate, that’s the French…. they take food very seriously ;-))

    nightsmusic, I love potatoes, but don’t eat them often,. Mon mari eats them every night. It’s the easiest carb for his blood sugar control.

    Zoomie, these were really exceptional.

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