Sautéed Asparagus with Chives; Life Off-Line — 6 Comments

  1. I did wonder why I got the message offline from Firefox. One wonders why a wire is good one day and not the next for the same type of service. Some things are just mysteries. Glad you’re back.

  2. I am about to post my blog on computer issues so I really feel for you, you have my total sympathy !!! I also have dogs on patrol but for possums !!

  3. I have nowhere local to buy really fresh asparagus, I have to get it from the grocery. I went this morning hoping what I bought would look okay (it’s on sale! for $1.50 a pound) and though it ‘looks’ fine, the trays were bone dry. I bought four pounds and immediately plopped it into a bucket when I got home. I just hope it’s still good by Sunday. But my chives aren’t ready yet so I’ll roast it with a bit of breadcrumbs, butter and lemon juice. Your recipe will unfortunately have to wait until my chives can clear the snow…

  4. Phoenicia, I think it’s the mice…. no one else does.

    Tanna, asparagus is always good, Being off-line…. No.

    Brassfrog, awwww, thanks. Nice to know someone notices.

    Kate, dogs do such good jobs patrolling…. If only computers were so easy.

    nightsmusic, we are lucky with this local farm. We know it’s freshly picked and it’s only 5 minutes away. They have strawberries, too. My chives are already starting to blossom 😉