Sautéed Sunchokes, foolish risks — 6 Comments

  1. Never had them, but I definitely need to find some to try now!

    We don’t clean our wood burning fireplace until July. I learned my lesson on that one long ago. And yes, they’re just as dirty as the wood stove. Or can be. Especially when the DH gets around it to ‘stir up the fire a bit.’ *sigh*

  2. I have never made Jerusalem artichokes before, but I’ve seen them hanging about in stores and always thought I should give them a try. This is a deliciously simple preparation and thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays. Welcome to the series!

  3. I think it’s hilarious that you can get sunchokes (a plant native to the very area of North America we live in) and we rarely see them sold in vegetables stores here. Of course, now, it’s too early – especially with the winter we’ve experienced this year. (We’ve been told that asparagus is going to be at least 6 weeks behind schedule this year.)

    In “The Harrowsmith Salad Garden”, the authors, Turid Forsyth and Merilyn Simonds Mohr, suggest serving fresh dill with sunchokes to aid digestion. Admittedly, the few times I’ve managed to find sunchokes to try them, I haven’t served them with fresh dill and haven’t had any trouble digesting them. But fresh dill sounds like a great accompaniment.

    You cleaned your oven?! As you have experience, will you come and clean ours? Pretty please?

  4. Kate, glad to be of service LOL

    nightsmusic, we have a fireplace, too – and same problem LOL. That hasn’t been cleaned yet. It’s mon mari’s job

    Javelin Warrior, thanks…. Try these, they really are easy and delicious. Love the series!

    Elizabeth, they are quite popular here, Too bad about the asparagus, Fresh dill, eh? Unfortunately, that’s not the same season. I won’t have dill until July and these are long done by then. It’s a self-cleaning oven – I refuse to own the other kind…..

  5. Your ‘sunchokes’ look delicious! I love that name for them. I think Jerusalem artichokes is a name that can confuse people as they look so different from other artichokes. I also had not realised that they work without peeling. I must try this. Thanks for entering this perfect recipe into Four Seasons Food x