Sesame Tuna with Sushi Rice, off-line is a scary place — 6 Comments

    • As unnerving as it can be, it’s not offlineness that really frightens me. It’s power outages. in a recent power outage, as I was grabbing a book of matches and stubs of candles, I suddenly realized that we couldn’t really manage to be comfortable for very long at all without electricity. Now THAT’S scary.

  1. At least we have experienced life without it and can manage to a certain extent when it crashes. Nowadays, how many from middle age down are capable of adding numbers in their heads ?

  2. The tuna looks spectacular! Maybe, just maybe, it will get warm here and we can try it. (Hmmm… perhaps I should write the recipe down. Just in case the internet goes down.)

    Isn’t it amazing how dependent we have become? I clearly remember arguing with my sister that we had been right to buy a word processor rather than a computer. We didn’t NEED a computer. That was just dumb.

    How times have changed! (I’m still not quite in this century though. I don’t keep my cellphone turned on at all times AND it’s not connected to the internet so I can’t check email constantly. People react quite oddly when they learn that.)

  3. I find Gill’s comment to be very reassuring. 🙂 We still get the newspaper delivered so we would be okay unless the newspaper company was offline. 🙂

  4. Tanna, it’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

    Elizabeth, we were without power for 3 days when we were renting Vlad’s House – in winter. Not fun at all!

    Gill, it would be devastating (I think) for the younger crowd. I even knew how to use a slide rule at one time LOL

    Elizabeth, I remember our first word processor LOL. People are amazed that I don’t have my mobile with me in the garden….

    Pam, the newspaper would be off line LOL We would have to rely on the grapevine…