Warm Chicken Pasta Salad with Spring Vegetables — 5 Comments

  1. This looks fabulous! Definitely going in my spring menu though yesterday, we drove through a tornado with hail the size of peas (which was good because my DH just got his brand new truck on Thursday!) And tomorrow, we’re supposed to have snow overnight and into Tuesday. Spring around here is only a date on a calendar.

  2. I’ve heard that in parts of the US, school systems are moving to a similar vacation structure. Which in a lot of ways, seems to make sense to break up the year and give students a bit of respite. Love this twist on pasta primavera and definitely more in keeping with spring…

  3. What a lovely salad with a great vinaigrette and marinade. I bet this would be a great dish to pack up for a picnic lunch. Thanks for another lovely entry into Four Seasons Food x

  4. nightsmusic, I would be so upset with snow this late in the season. Much happier with asparagus….

    Kate, yes, but you have other things to look forward too ;-))

    Javelin Warrior, and I think it’s better for the kids not to have such a long break in the summer. Of course, I didn’t think that when I was a kid LOL

    annelifaiers, you’re right – it makes a great picnic lunch – and you’re welcome Love the event!