Asparagus Frittata — 6 Comments

  1. We have such stringent drink driving rules here that usually there would have to be a designated driver who would abstain from the wine but on the whole roadside picnics are a rare thing here. People are in too much of a hurry and fast takeaway food is bought when they stop for petrol.

  2. A picnic is part of the fun of travelling – we’ve had them from where we have had up pack up suddenly because of approaching ellies or buffalo to a leafy suburban street where there was a convenient bench overlooking the Saumur Chateau and the odd passing person wished us “Bon appétit”. Likewise the food varies. The only time wine features, along with our last bits of cheese and paté, is when we picnic on the TGV heading to Charles de Gaulle each September.

  3. I wish we took picnicking that seriously. So much more comfortable than sitting on a blanket amongst the ants.

  4. Frittatas/Tortillas are perfect for a picnic (ha anytime in my book). I’d love to think I could do the table and chair thing … but that’s probably not going to happen along the road, maybe in the backyard but then that’s not really the same thing.

  5. Kate, the French take mealtime very seriously… and they’re a bit lax on the drinking… Cautious, but not overly so.

    Gill, love train picnics! If one is eating here, anywhere, everyone says ‘bon appetit’… people riding by on bikes, in boats, walking, running…. I’m learning.

    Val, and they’re good hot or cold… and the next day.

    Zoomie, but a blanket in the grass in the mountains (without ants) is pretty nice…

    Tanna, I’m never that organized…. and usually in too much of a hurry LOL